This one is continue the work of  NIS:ypserv and yp bind setup

Now We will make the remote client can login with their home dir.

first , we have to make some extra work to distinguish the remote user and local user

On server create a dir for remote user

mkdir /home/rhome

now we can copy the user`s folder from /home to /home/rhome, and use usermod -d /home/rhome/tony tony to change tony`s home dir to /home/rhome/tony for example

vim /etc/exports

add following line

/home/rhome *(rw)

:wq save and quit

now start nfs on server

service nfs start

now goes to client side and make a auto mount file for remote user

mkdir /home/rhome

vim /etc/auto.master

add following line

/home/rhome   /etc/auto.rhome

vim /etc/auto.rhome

add following:

&     fstype=nfs    <serverip>:/home/rhome/&

service autofs restart

now try to login in again, you will see after login there is no warning anymore cheers!