Raving->talking or behaving irrationally

She raved about that new restaurant

Raves are very popular in Berlin.

He gave it a rave.

Anesthesia->The operation is performed under anesthesia


Incurable-> Lacking a normal curiosity. not able to be healed

molar-> one of the large teeth at the back of the mouse

Ecstasy-> a state of exttreme happiness, especially when feeling pleasure, she threw here head back as if in ecstasy.

Decay-> gradually destroyed, The smell of death and decay hang over the town.

Spank-> Smack.

hit on-> speaks and behaves in a way that shows they want to have sexual relationship with u.

Overture-> a piece of music which in a n introduction to a long page, especially an opera

Overture of friend ship

Neither side in the conflicts seems willing to make peace overtures.

Abattoir-> slaughter house.

Exaltation- egzoteision, great happiness

Triumph traiempf great achievement

adulation admiration

consolation the act or an instance of consoling to give comfort or sympathy to sb who is unhappy or disappointed



unable to leave somewhere cuz of inconvenience

such as lack of transport or money

sequin-> a small shiny metal or plastic disc

sewn onto clothes for decoration

deadbolt-> deadlock

ripe fruit and grains are ready to eat

gelatin->a clear substance without any taste that is made from boiling animal bones jelly

swag stolen goods

lima dramemine ->trade mask for the dry dinen by drimate



ratchet a wheel or bar with teeth along the edge and a metal piece that fits between the teeth, allowing movement in one direction



Chrisma extraordinary


militia organization operates like an army

mink thug

strobe aman who acts violently

strobe bright light flashes on and off very quickly.