So here again, I learn from others.

I got a combo of Flash+xml+javascripts. And I want use it in my webpages, of course I need change the size of the flash, file names and everything, where I should start?

1.Check the xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><data>
 <item url="http://www.***.com/" target="_blank" img="images/xx.jpg" thumb="images/xxx.jpg" />
 <item url="http://www.***.com/" target="_blank" img="images/xxx.jpg" thumb="images/xxx.jpg" />
 <item url="http://www.***.com/" target="_blank" img="images/x.jpg" thumb="images/xx.jpg" />
 <item url="http://www.***.com/" target="_blank" img="images/x.jpg" thumb="images/x.jpg" />
 <item url="http://www.***.com/" target="_blank" img="images/x.jpg" thumb="images/x.jpg" />
Obviously it read the data from XML to find the files. too easy change the file of jpgs.
2. check the js.
So the wmode="transparent" part I added it. and the size of flash has been changed as well.
However we understand how to change the flash window, now need fix the flash itself.
3. check the flash
Lucky I got the swa file, open it with Flash CS 5.
Now click window ->Actions, you can see all the actions.
Same time, click time line, you see all the animation break down into parts, click on each parts, the parts showed up on the screen. How good it is.
Now click Transform->info, by read the size and location, you figure out how each part connected and located.
Now I can change the size and location of all parts and make it with my own design.
After done all of this, export the movie, and I found it is not right, looks the moving part are still stick to its old size and location.
Go back to action part, go to action layers, go to the algorithm part and find the parameter used are the same with old ones, change them accordingly by find-> replace.
Export it again, I got what I want.