body {
background-color: #fff;
color; #000;
.footer {
div class=”footer”…
Descendent Selectors
body > p {line-height:1.3em}.

ID based styles- An id-based style is unique and can only be applied to a page once. If there are 2, only the 1st one will be picked up.
Body #s4-ribboncont
body #s4-workspace

Class-based styles- can be referenced muliple times.

Element-based styles. Prefied iwth an html element, such as table, tr , td, div, h1, h2, h3 or img.

Sprites, a combination of small icons into one page, then when we define the image and its position, we can cut the icon out and leave the rest hidden.

.image {width: 100px; background-position:-50px -2px;} so we need do math for each time but the benifit is we can use 1 gif/png to contain all the icons.

Never directly modify the out of the box css files on the web front-end server.

2010 calendarv4.css  – calendars

forms forms.css

search search.css