1. install a virtual 2008 R2 server on 2008 virtual server, assign a static IP and machine name to it. Create a DNS record for it on DNS server.

2. Install sql server 2008. Click yes when it asks anything.Check all options and  Click next whenever you can. Should be easy.  Because this is local sqlserver only for sharepoint. So we wont waste too much time on this. When it saids warning at service account page,  I choose system for each blank. next. Also I choose windows authentication/add several administors into the sql server administrator page for Account provisioning page. next. installation start at 9:20AM, finish at 9:40AM.

3. Put the Sharpoint2010(sp) disk in, run splash first.  Click Install software prerequisite.->next->accept->next->…finish. Restart.

4. Run installation of sp 2010 server. I choose standalone here. Finsh install. Run the sharepoint configuration now. Next->Yes->perform configuration task 10 of 10…finish!

5. it will load the Template Selection, i choose default->team template->ok. Each step take couple minutes. Patient.

6. group management->ok.

7. it will bring you to the home page of your default website. The installation is done. Now we start tuning the sharepoint to prevent problems.


1. enable flash on sharepoint 2010.

Go to sp2010 central administration page. ->manage application->sharepoint-80-> on top->General settings->scoll down to Browser File Handling->Permissive.

2. The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request

On the sharepoint server, in the system32\driver\etc\hosts, add crl.microsoft.com

Problem sovled

3. Go to home page of sharepoint website->site actions->site collection features->

SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure->activate, this need to be activate to enable navigation.

4.Go to home page of sharepoint website->site actions->site features->

SharePoint Server Publishing->activate

5. delete a corrupted subsite(where the site action is not working)

From sharepoint powershell console

stsadm -o deleteweb -url <websiteURL>