where create, delete and extend web applicationsOur public site just went online yestarday, phew.

After a while being busy, and drived crazy by Sharepoint, I finally built my confidence to customize Sharepoint, Now it is time to organize those knowledge.

I got help from many blogs, and I really appreciate those authors who wrote those brilliant articles, without those, I dont think I can get our site online.

1. Prepare your public faced website.

I have been get issues with publish my team work site to public, and after some research, I feel it is a very good way is to do it from scratch(I destroyed and rebuilt my site four times to made it clear) . Here are the steps.

1. After installation of Sharepoint, it will create a default site and took 80 port, so we need delete it, if you did not install the default one, skip this step.
2. Create your base web application, i would give port 8080 for the local one, make it open anonymous to public. Create a site collection on that application, I would use publish portal instead of team site.

3. Extend the base web application with its public http header and port 80, go to IIS and change the authentication to anonymous and form only.

4. Make sure all the template and all the documents are published. If you get 401 authorization error, congratulations, your IIS is setup correctly, you only need check all the related template, master page, even the images are published.
5. Remeber go to library of images and change its setting, turn off versionning.

When all of these have been done, we can start customization.