0. If you havent start or the farm is ready you dont want reimage client, go to google search it, here we discuss when the Adobe CS 6 are deployed and you found it is not registered although you did on the captured image.

1. Install Adobe CS 6 to sample machine. Capture image, and deploy it to the farm.

2. Remember, even if u register the sample machine, the next computer it deployed will still need register, it is different from CS 5, Ha, GOT U!

3. Download Adobe Creative Enterprise application manager. 


4. Copy all the content from installation disks(I have 2) to some location on network where you usually store installation disk.

5. Use create serialization executable to create a serialization application, copy it to your network location, it is only 2M big in my case.

6. use this scripts to activate the client. Yes you need administrative access, for example, ask teacher to log in to computer first time to register CS 6. 

if not exist d:\activated.log \\<NetworkLocation>\AdobeSerialization.exe –tool=VolumeSerialize –proffile=\\<NetworkLocation>\prov.xml
echo created > d:\activated.log

7. So far I believe it is ok to do this way if you have already deployed CS 6 to the client and thought it would be the same like CS 5.