My Best Practice of Virtualiziation and back up strategy for Windows Server 2008


Here is what I do and I feel it is very efficient.

1. Shut down windows 2008, boot with Ghost. Create a disk GHO to a USB drive or Network Location.

2. Create a Virtual Machine on the destination Physical Machine, create a VHD but dont install any system on it.

3. Boot the virtual machine with Ghost, disk to disk recovery from the  USB drive or Network location. 

4. Create another VHD disk and link it to Virtual Server windows 2008. Create windows server backup daily to that VHD disk. Write a scripts of copy that VHD to somewhere else weekly with task scheduler on the physical host of Virtual windows 2008. Copy the whole backup VHD to someother location over the network.

5. Monly copy the Backup VHD from the backup to a external Hardisk and lock it into the save.

Now we can have a daily backup from Virtual Windows Server 2008 itself, weekly Disk back up for the Virtual Windows Server 2008 and Monthly save back up for the server, even there is an earthquake you wont lose your data as long as the save is found.


microsoft security leak

We found this issue on our school network.
Basically, user A loged in, turn off wifi, log off
user B login with cable, right after pass authentication, pull off cable, the group policy wont apply.

deploy Casio classpad through command line

Make a batch like follow

@echo off
if not exist "C:\Program Files\CASIO\ClassPad Manager v3 Professional" (
"\\<server>\Casio ClassPad Manager for Windows V3\Manager_PLUS\setup.exe" /s /v"/qn SERIALNUMBER=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx"
"\\<server>\Casio Classpad Manager\Updates\cpm_update_3045pro\update.exe" /s /v/qn

Put it in group policy-> login.

Sharepoint Customization Tips 1- Prepare your site public faced website

where create, delete and extend web applicationsOur public site just went online yestarday, phew.

After a while being busy, and drived crazy by Sharepoint, I finally built my confidence to customize Sharepoint, Now it is time to organize those knowledge.

I got help from many blogs, and I really appreciate those authors who wrote those brilliant articles, without those, I dont think I can get our site online.

1. Prepare your public faced website.

I have been get issues with publish my team work site to public, and after some research, I feel it is a very good way is to do it from scratch(I destroyed and rebuilt my site four times to made it clear) . Here are the steps.

1. After installation of Sharepoint, it will create a default site and took 80 port, so we need delete it, if you did not install the default one, skip this step.
2. Create your base web application, i would give port 8080 for the local one, make it open anonymous to public. Create a site collection on that application, I would use publish portal instead of team site.

3. Extend the base web application with its public http header and port 80, go to IIS and change the authentication to anonymous and form only.

4. Make sure all the template and all the documents are published. If you get 401 authorization error, congratulations, your IIS is setup correctly, you only need check all the related template, master page, even the images are published.
5. Remeber go to library of images and change its setting, turn off versionning.

When all of these have been done, we can start customization.

Create new search page to enable search for anonymous user in sharepoint 2010

I have been to many website and gathered a lot information to get this done, bascically when u make a website avalabe, the search function is not working or not working for anonymous user or not working at all. If it is not working at all, please check my another post. –

FYI, it is not hell any more 🙂 It is like heaven right now lol.

My situation is when search function is worked for users, it is not work for anonymous.

So to fix it.

1. go to site settings->site aministration-> search and offline avalability-> Always index all Web Parts on this site tick

2. go to site settings->Site Collection administration->Site Collection FEature->Search Server Web Parts ->active

3. create another publish page, maybe just use main body, insert webpart->Search->Search Core Results

4.Search Core Results ->Location properties->Local Search Results

5.Score -> All sites( you can go to Site Settings->Site Collection Administration->Search Scopes) . Save it  and Publish the Page.

6. Site Settings->Search Settings->Site Collection Search Results Page-> type in the search page u just created, done!

sharepoint public website customization- bloody hell!

Ok. So many days struggling. The problem been fixed one by another. here are the problems.

1. anonymous access without login prompt. 

create a main site on 8080 port. give it a intranet host header.

Enable anonymous access both on central administration and website.

extend it on 80 port, give it a internet host header.

On IIS only enable the anonymous authentication for 80 port new site.


2. Picture can not be seen by anonymous user.



3. anonymous user seen different background or master page or css than normal user!


4. Anonymous user can not see the content of content query web part.

I followed both, but i am not sure which one solved my problem , because it was cured instantly but after I have checked in manythings that i could not remember, as long as it is working now. I dont want touch it!!!

I really want to believe the second thread is more like the queue, although i am not sure. But at least it is not a problem at the moment.

5. hide login for anonymous users


6. hide ribbon, same.

To make a login for users. I just use another master page to do it.

I have 3 master page. Home for welcome page, main for websites,  and login.master for users to login.


Error an unhandled exception occurred in the Silverlight Application when creating SharePoint 2010 Sites

8. Database need upgrade

9. Anonymous user can not use search, check my another post->


OOTB Navigation fix to support IPad & I-Devices


Fast rounded corners in Photoshop

12. Googlemap

13. Insert content editor webpart into page, put html code like this.

14. website is not working on iphone
15. Website is not working on win7 phone or Android phone
go to \app_broweser\compat.brower
Change isMobileDevice under android and win7 to false. save it.